Monday, March 02, 2009

Newest Family Member

I have so many things going on!

On Saturday afternoon my eldest son, Wes and his new bride, Lindsey, came down for a visit with their little dog, Wicket.

My entire family, save my sister, Karen who is stuck in Colorado, came to dinner Saturday evening. But I'm a smart woman and made special reservations at the Tavern Restaurant in Heathsville, Virginia.

It was a great visit with everyone and I'm delighted that everyone got to meet Lindsey who is a perfect addition to our family. We welcome her with love and open arms and hope very much that we did not frighten her too much.

I will post pictures of the event soon when I can get a picture with Lindsey in it! I took lots of pictures but every single one of her looked like this.

My timing just sucks.

There are other photos that other family members took that will do a better job of presenting the bride and groom and I hope to have those pictures soon.

I must mention what an outstanding job the Tavern did handling my crew. There were 19 of us and of course the head count kept going up all week.... but they were delightful and gracious and (with previous agreements) presented the family with a specially printed menu with three wonderful entres, a huge wine menu and any appetizers and desserts we wanted.

All the plates were presented in an attractive way. The waitress was terrific and we were noisy and loud but because we were on the other side in the lounge area, I don't think we disturbed the other patrons over much.

And while I won't reveal the bill, my husband, my mom and I all thought it was very, very reasonable for the quality of both food and service.

Bravo! to the Tavern Restaurant!


MarthaH said...

Please tell me about the "new" Tavern restaurant. We so miss Brandon and his culinary masterpieces. Most importantly, I still crave his bread pudding with white chocolate and caramel topping dessert. We haven't been there since he and Bobbi left, though we used to go all the time, and I mean ALL the time.

Cate K said...

My only experience with the Tavern Restaurant is with the management currently in place. The food and service are both excellent and the prices are very reasonable. I think the extremely high prices under the previous management is what kept my family away. It was just too expensive.

MarthaH said...

Ah, from DC it was the best priced fine food around...the "get what you pay for" concept...but perception is important to long term stability...acrylic versus alpaca

Tina T-P said...

Re: Shetland Fleece -

Hi Cate - I know we're no place close to local for you, but check out the farms on

Many shetland breeders and other yummy stuff from our Washington State farms. (and several have just sheared - keep an eye out for lots of fleeces)

:-) T.

Bea said...


I am the new kid on the block. I am interested in attending your spinning, weaving and fiber group. Please tell me when your next meeting will be.

Thank you.

Cate K said...

Love to have you join us!

We meet on the second Sunday of each Month. Seems that in April that lands on Easter and in May it lands on Mother's Day... but we will meet regardless... personally, I can't think of a better mother's day than to be allowed to do what I want to do without interference...

The meetings are in the Transportation Building behind the Rice/s Inn/Hughlett Tavern in Heathsville startingh at 2 p.m. We aim to finish somewhere around 4 p.m.