Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Lots done but more to do

I got a lot done on my to do list below... but still have much to do.

I did clean up the loom room, but got distracted by the drum carder and that yummy oatmeal fleece from the Fall Fiber Festival. So I made up a couple of ropes of roving.

Then I made a detour to the local yarn shop last Saturday when I was supposed to be grocery shopping and got Knitting Lace Triangles
by Evelyn Clark. Very cool approach to knitting lace shawls. Anyway, I started a new lace project using the shetland handspun. I am starting with 450 yards. I figure I will have about 200 more yards available if desired when I finish spinning it.

I emptied three bobbins by plying the white lincoln that's been sitting on four bobbins for months.

I did get more of the grey merino flicked and ready to spin. Something to work on this weekend.

The weather is really bizarre for us this year. Beginning of December was very cold and almost seemed to promise snow for the holidays. But then it warmed up so much I had flowers blooming in the garden. This morning when I went to work it was 50 degrees. When I got off at noon it was down to 40 degrees. Now, at 8:45 p.m., it's extremely windy (about 25 mph winds) and the temps have dropped into the 20s.

Oh, I also vaccuumed the carpets, swept the other floors, cleaned up the kitchen and bath, spent Boxing Day at Mandy's and dejunked an end table.

I think I need to hire someone to come in and help me dejunk this house. I have too much stuff that is just odd bits and bobs. Lots of paper I don't need. Books I never look at but might some day... I have stuff. Just too much stuff.

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