Saturday, July 12, 2008

My birthday present

My husband and the guys at the Blacksmith shop went all out for me this year. They made me a distaff for flax spinning.

It's free standing and instead of being made from wood, they made it out of iron.

It's the best of recycling too because they used two wheel pieces from a wagon from 1920 and an old weight and piece of pipe from something else. The only two things they bought new was the finial and one internal piece of rod.

They made it to the height I needed to suit me while spinning and they added special touches like the finial but it also turns when I need it and comes apart for easier transport.

Works like a charm, too. The only problem now is that for some reason, the flax strick that I have smells like cow manure.

Combined with the fresh sheep fleece that hubby hauled home today, my house smells distinctly barnyardish. Personally, I like the smell and find it comforting.

I'll talk about this monster fleece in the next post. It is, by far, the largest fleece I've ever seen. And while the thing if filthy dirty and probably will never come completely clean and bright white, it's soft and spins up very nicely.

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Robin said...

Wish you could upload a picture. My husband would be interested as he is a smithy, too. He's joined two guilds in VA. I just pictured handles that he made at yesterday's meeting on my blog. You can see more of his stuff at .