Sunday, June 29, 2008

Learning experiences

I got the warp finished (I thought) and started weaving. The goal was to make a nice tea towel (or four). I also wanted to get my beating even and not so hard. I'm not making a rug here.

The color in the photos is very bad, by the way. The yarn is pale blue and white in reality.

This is the pattern I chose to use.

Here is how it started. I used the green just to get my ends even. I thought it was looking a little like gauze instead of like a towel. Decided to cut off the first few inches as a sample and washed it.

It's beautiful gauze. Just lovely stuff with a nice drape and everything. BUT not what I wanted, even after a wet finish.

So I went down two sizes in the reed and resleyed. I'm much closer now and I think the wet finish will do the trick. It might end up being a table runner as it is somewhat narrower now than I planned. But then it might make a nice napkin or something.

Live and learn. I'm going to finish it whatever it turns out to be.

I'll post pictures of the closer to a towel weaving next week or so.

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