Thursday, February 14, 2008

New and old projects

I finally finished the mittens for Allison (GD #1). I think this took me forever because once I figured out that I had two different dyelots, the whole project just seemed a bit flawed. I got tired of getting blue fingertips everytime I picked up the second mitten. But I finished it and washed both mittens in hot water several times and then added vinegar and let it sit for a while. The last rinse finally came out clear.

Ken has been helping me by picking the wool from Curly as I get it washed. He is also helping me get it carded as he fills grocery bag after grocery bag of the picked fiber. We have about a pound and a half done up in pulled batts now. I don't know if "pulled batt" is an actual term but what I've been doing is pull the batt off the carder then carefully pulling it out with my hands spaced about 6 to 8 inches apart until the whole thing is a nice thick bit of roving like snake. Then I've been wrapping the snakes up into nests. Each one is weighing in between .8 and 1.2 ounces.

Out of curiosity I spun up two of the snakes and plied them together and got something around dk weight at about 87 yards. I knitted up a swatch on US#4 needles and got 5.5 stitches per inch. I'm seriously thinking about doing the Mary Burr pattern Cinxia from Knitty.

The only question is whether I should do it in white or dye the fiber another color. The yarn is coming out a nice cream color, so it's not bright white.

The only problem is that I have issues with white clothing. I have managed to ruin every single white shirt or sweater I have every owned. I don't want to invest umpteen hours into something I will dribble coffee or catsup onto. I know I will wear this sweater a lot.

So color choices.

Well, I look great in red. But since becoming involved with gang investigations, I'm very leery of wearing red very much. I also look good in turquoise but I don't have many outfits with that color simply because it's hard to tie it into other colors. I'm wondering if I want to try something completely different and go with a baby blue? Bloods are into red and Crips are into royal blue (both colors I love, but must steer clear of for work). Purple? Green? I look ill in some greens and all yellows... but I wonder how interesting it would be to go with a heathered look including purple, green and yellow?

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