Saturday, February 02, 2008

A List

I was impressed by the list of goals for 2008 posted by Fleece Street and have decided to make up a list of my own. Some of these goals will be easier to do than others:

  1. Save up the money to purchase a floor loom.
  2. Buy a floor loom. (I'm looking seriously at a Harrisonville 4 harness but haven't decided yet).
  3. Knit completely a sweater for myself
  4. Prep all raw fleeces currently in my stash (this includes washing, picking and carding or flicking)
  5. Each month throw or give away at least a laundry basket full of stuff I don't use anymore
  6. Declutter/Straighten and dust at least one location of the house a week even if it's just a drawer.
  7. Complete two pairs of socks (one of one pair is finished)
  8. Complete at least five holiday gifts by making them by hand (One scarf is already finished) and complete all of them by November.
  9. Spin enough fiber to knit a sweater (that would be about 3 pounds of one kind of fiber)
  10. Make Ken a knitted hat
  11. Update the Hoot Web Page by the end of February
  12. Take more and better pictures of my knitting and other fiber projects
  13. Post to this blog more often and with more pictures (see #12)
  14. Learn to spin cotton on the wheel
  15. Learn to spin flax on the wheel
  16. Spin more silk or silk blends
  17. Make some "art yarn"
  18. Get the wing back chair in the music room re-upholstered
  19. Work in the garden at least twice weekly starting in March
  20. Vacuum the whole downstairs weekly
  21. Continue on Weight Watchers and remain positive even when there is no loss for a week
  22. Pick up the Mandolin again
  23. Take the dogs to a groomer in the Spring
  24. Go to local craft shows and support the Farmer's Market more
  25. Visit Stratford Hall and George Washington's Birthplace
  26. Walk at least 1/2 mile at least 3 days a week starting in April

1 comment:

Meg in Nelson said...

And Item 2 off the list in two weeks? Wow, you work fast!