Thursday, December 20, 2007

Lil' sockies

I got a crazy notion going about knitting things for Yule. I think it was all the other crazy knitters on the internet talking about knitting for Christmas.

Two weeks ago, I started knitting little socks to hang on the tree. Then we decided this year with all the depressing things going on that we really did not feel up to decorating for the holidays and decided not to drag all the stuff out, put it up for two weeks and drag it down again.

But we are going to a friend's house to celebrate the holiday and lots of other friends will be there and I got the idea that even if I didn't hang little tiny stockings on my tree, I could knit enough of them that everyone would have one and they could hang them on their trees as tiny little memories of me.

I've got six done so far. I need about 10.

It's Thursday.

I'm back at work full time.

I'm going to see them Friday evening.

I think I might be buying a half dozen little ornaments somewhere tonight after work.

On the possible success side of things, I'm also knitting mittens for my step-granddaughters. I have one pair finished. I have one and a half done on the second pair. The third pair will probably be fingerless mitts because she is a young teen and would probably prefer something cool like that... in tourquoise. I'm using Aurora 8 yarn from my stash. It was always meant for mittens so I'm glad after three years it's finally meeting it's destiny. I don't have to have them finished until Tuesday. I am off Saturday, Sunday and Monday (and Tuesday). It has been taking me about 3 evenings while watching the tube (and working on tiny socks from time to time) to complete the 3 and a half mitts I've done so far. I think I will get the mittens completed.

Hopefully, I will also get pictures and get them posted.

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