Friday, November 02, 2007

No Cancer!

The biopsy results came back and while the lining of my uterus is pre-cancerous (whatever that means) the biopsy showed nothing active.

Deep breath.

So, surgery is scheduled for November 13th. Hopefully, the fibroids will be "choppable" and he will be able to do the whole thing laproscopically and my recovery time will be much faster.

The next week is going to madly busy, so not sure when I'll get an opportunity to post again. But will as soon as I can.

In knitting news by dear friends T and Bill got my computer working again and I can now use Ravalry again. So I hope to load a bunch of stuff in there soon.

I got some more singles spun of the brown.

I have four lines left to finish on the Secret of the Stole Clue I (Clue 5 comes out today, if that gives you any idea of how behind I am on that).

The purple socks are still not finished.

I ripped out the lavendar shawl I had started for Carla as I screwed something up and want it to be right... so may just go find a nice pattern instead.

The tan shawl continues. I"m just over halfway now.


Karen said...

Glad the news is mainly good. Hope the easier options all come true but that you get lots of knitting done as well (how's that for a "both sides of the fence are greener" sort of wish?). Saw your post on the mystery shawl list and just wanted to pop in and let you know you are being thought of (and prayed for, if that is okay).

Knit on!

La Duchesse said...

You must be so incredibly relieved! I wish you all the best.