Friday, July 06, 2007

A well dressed horn

The horn saga is nearing completion. Didn't take too long actually.

I dyed the wool about a month or so ago.

The day before we went to the beach I spun and plyed it.

I took the horn and yarn and crochet hooks to the beach but got distracted by the bamboo baby blanket and booties. I will show pictures soon of progress on that.

I'm very, very pleased with this horn project. Just want you to know that. I tend to complain too much I think.

I have about a foot or so of I-cord to complete and join. Then I'll wrap it up and make it pretty for presentation. This picture is very representative of the actual colors.

Seems I will have a bit of yarn left over. I will re-skein it and measure to see how much is left then I'll make something out of it.

I really like the technique of making a medium weight of single from something kind of fluffy (in this case a blend of alpaca and Navajo-Churro) which I dyed in the wool. Then I plyed it with a single of spindle spun merino and mohair blend which I also dyed (in this case with Koolaid in lavender colors).

The color in this isn't very accurate (lighting too bright I think) but if you enlarge it, it does show the single crochet yarn pattern as it spirals around the horn.

I crocheted the horn cozy itself but rather than crochet a really long cord, am doing a 3-stitch knitted I-cord which is going very fast. I should finish this tonight.

In any case, this yarn would make a really cool looking sweater or vest, I do not, however, have enough left for that. I am considering a neat little bag to go with the horn (a matching set) for cigarettes, lighter and a small metal tin that you could use for a portable ashtray as my friend is also a smoker. Party gear!

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