Friday, July 06, 2007

Okay, They Hate Chickens!

News flash!

The Farm Bureau doesn't have a problem with our dogs (we pay extra for them, after all) it's our chickens they dislike.

Or at least they will find them objectionable until we pay extra for them, too.

Seems that chickens lay eggs. Even a few hens tend to lay a lot of eggs. They lay more eggs than one family can normally eat. So said families tend to sell or give away said eggs.

Sometimes, a recipient of said eggs might get a bad egg and be dumb enough to eat it anyway and decide they want to sue said owners of said bad egg laying hens.

Thus the problem.

According to my husband, I should not have mentioned the chickens when they requested a list of critters living on the property. I wonder if they would have objected to the 15 or so gold fish living in our garden pond?

Good thing they don't ask about food products like pecans and wild mushrooms or herbs that we also collect, eat and often give away or sell.

By the way, the chickens, according the Farm Bureau, are livestock and not pets. I wonder if that means that this extra money we will be paying will also cover loss of said livestock to fox and wild dog and eagle attacks? Yes, we've had young Bald Eagles come swooping in and snatch up hens in the past. Now the top of their yard has netting over it to prevent this problem.

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