Sunday, April 01, 2007

So tired

It's been a while since I got sick. It's been even longer since I felt like a used up washcloth.

I started feeling under the weather last week and left work early on Tuesday because of a sinus issue. I didn't feel any better on Wednesday so I stayed home all day. Thursday I felt even worse as the cold was making its way into my chest. Friday I went to work for about four hours but was exhausted before I even arrived as my venture out in the car exposed me to pollen (EVERYTHING is blooming here) and I was having coughing fit after coughing fit.

Finally, at noon, my co-workers sent me home.

I came home and took some Tussah that had been prescribed by my doctor last time I had unrelenting coughing fits. Had the cough been a productive one, I would have just suffered through it knowing that it was actually helping to do something useful. But this was a reaction to postnasal drip and pollen. I don't know what is in that cough medicine but it takes about an hour to kick in and then I am unconscious for about 12 hours. Then, it just stops working.

If you are better at that point, you just don't take anymore. If you are still coughing your lungs out for no reason, you take another dose and check out again.

I didn't take anymore yesterday as the coughing had abated but I felt very, very tired and just camped on the couch with my various knitting projects.

I currently have five projects in the works:
  1. The cotton lace shawl that I'm inventing as I go.
  2. The Tiger Owl (AKA: Owl Scarf) Scarf.
  3. The red socks.
  4. The green sweater that I'm also inventing as I go.
  5. The White Kimono Shawl

I did finish the little elf booties.

I worked on all of the UFOs except the Kimono Shawl.

I took some of my excess yarn upstairs.

I did no spinning. Just the idea of sitting in a chair and treadling seemed exhausting.

Today I felt much better and went to the grocery store and as I started down the third aisle wondered if I was going to faint or make it home at all. I felt dizzy and weak kneed the whole rest of my shopping trip. I'm glad I had a cart to hold on to. I did manage to finish my shopping and got through the check out and got home. But Matt had to bring in all the bags and put stuff away so I could lie down for a while.

I MUST got back to work tomorrow. This cold really needs to let go of me now.


TheKnittingBee said...

I hope you're feeling better soon :) Is the Owl Scarf the same pattern as the Tiger Eye Scarf? That's on my to-knit list, and thinking about it it does look a little like owls! (I love owls, they are one of my favourite creatures)

Elle Kasey said...

Yikes! That is pretty darn sick! Now if you said you were too sick to knit at all I would have said get the to the ER. Hope you're back to 100% soon.