Wednesday, March 28, 2007

At least it's not orange...

Well, as you know if you've been reading here a bit, I completely frogged the green sweater. It was supposed to be for me. It didn't fit. By a long shot. Upon review of the pattern, and an honest review of my measurements I came to realize that without some major adjustments to the pattern (or my figure) it would NEVER fit me.

So I frogged it.

I came home early from work yesterday with a rotten cold. I was feeling sorry for myself. I wanted to start something new as all my current projects were frustrating me, so last night after I finished the sock, I started a new sweater with that green yarn. (It is a different green from the green socks mentioned in the last post).

I'm using EZ's book "Knitting Without Tears" and did a swatch and remeasured myself ... and while my measurements are no where near the measurements of this lady or anyone in her family... I used her formula to cast on for a knit in the round sweater.

I cast on 294 stitches using a KnitPicks #7 circular needle with a 42" cable. It might actually come out to be the 54" needed to go around my hips. Scary, eh?

I decided with 54 inches of ground to cover, I really didn't care for trying to do ribbing and would be perfectly happy with a rolled cuff at the bottom edge.

To avoid a twist, I went back and forth for a few rows (four) then joined and will use that tail to close up the little gap later.

When I get up to about 4 inches, I will probably decrease a bit to about 50 inches. It will be a nice, comfy sweater. The perfect thing to wear when I'm sick with the chills and miserable.

I already warned Ken that I may need to order more yarn. He's smart cookie really and knows about dye lots (his mother and ex-wife did teach him a few things) and wondered how I would handle that problem. If it is a problem, I will probably do a stripe of black (since I have some of the same yarn in black) put in the newly acquired yarn, then another stripe of black before returning to the original green. I can do the cuffs of the sleeves or a stripe in the upper arm in black to tie in the theme. Might be kind of fun to do a Celtic design of some sort.

I'll see how I feel when I get there.

For now, I'm sitting home burning sick leave; drinking tea, reading other people's blogs and knitting. I plan to nap this afternoon when I break down and have a Theraflu. If I didn't have so much work sitting in the pile on my desk at the office, I might actually be enjoying this steady consumption of facial tissue.

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Peggy said...

Bless your heart. Hope you get to feeling better. Great idea on how to remedy not having enough yarn. I'll have to put that in my file, "How to fix screwups." As you can see, I like to read other's blogs as well except I'm drinking coffee.