Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Backpacking at MS&W

I've been reading the many posts on the Spinners Yahoo Group List and soaking up all the various suggestions for getting the most out of whole Maryland Sheep and Wool Fest Extravaganza.

It is obvious that strollers and babies are out. The stollers take up too much square footage and babies are just not appreciative enough of fiber, apparently.

Some folks, however, recommend that you bring rolling duffle bags to carry your shopping acquisitions. I'm thinking that a rolling duffle or rolling suitcase takes up about the same amount of footage as a stroller, so they are probably not the best choice.

So, considering my shopping list contains stuff that is mainly fiber (i.e. squishable) I will bring my bright yellow gym bag backpack duffle. It is waterproof so can protect my purchases from accidental soda spills, llama spit and rain drops.

It is recommended that folks also bring bottled water and a snack and that meals should be eaten at times when meals are not normally eaten as the lines to purchase food are long and that takes away from shopping time. I can successfully manage this I think, as my new job often requires a delayed lunch break, so my stomach is not as much on a time clock as it used to be. A solid, protein packed breakfast helps, however.

I'm bringing in a chunk of wood -- specifically heart wood from the giant pecan tree that died following a lighting strike two summers ago and we had taken down last summer. This chunk is going to find its way to Sheila and Jonathan Bosworth's booth and IF it is doable, I am commissioning Jonathan to make some spindles from it. Ken has promised to cut out a suitable chunk this weekend.

I am also going to hunt down the folks in Barn Five with the Shetland wool. I really like nice shetland and have only been able to get my hands on small quanities of it.

Over all I want to get samplings... an ounce or two of a wide variety of fibers. I do want silk and flax but am seeking the ULTIMATE blending fiber for the alpaca for socks. It may take some researching.

Well, must run. Lots of alpaca to spin yet. I'm about 1/3rd of the way through the Fancy Alpaca. I am really liking how the singles are coming out. The plied stuff is going to be awesome (if I do say so myself.).

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Robin said...

Can hardly wait for MD S&W!! Haven't been in a couple of years so I'm due. I second that rolling stuff wouldn't be great as some of the barns have dirt floors. I'll be carrying tote bags and/or maybe a backpack. I don't do well with backpacks sometimes - bump into things and always seem to need something out of it. I usually try to make a quick run through the vendors -- I buy only items that I'm absolutely thrilled about (and would go ballistic if it was sold when I come back) and take notes on stuff that I just like and might like to have. Then, I come make a second trip through to purchase stuff. Have fun! It's a fantastic show!