Saturday, March 03, 2007

Owl Lace

I started this lace scarf months and months ago. I'm now halfway through.

I decided I needed some motivation to continue because sometimes, as other lace knitters have noted, it just seems like a blob and you wonder if you are doing it right and if the effort is really worth it.

So I laid two handkerchiefs on the back cushion of one of our family room chairs and then pinned out the scarf still on the needles.


Can you see the owl faces?

Yes, this is the Tiger Eye Pattern, but to me it looks like owl faces.

I decided to take a washcloth, dip in hot water and blot the scarf the way it is and let it dry. If it stays even halfway blocked out while I knit the rest of it, I'll be very happy as it will keep me motivated to keep going.

I do have some boo-boos, but since this scarf is for me, I'm not worried about it. No one but me (and another lace knitter) will notice.

This is very cool the way the blocking just transforms the lace knitting!

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LDSVenus said...

It is beautiful, you did a very nice job on it. I do see the owl eyes :). Wish tho, it was available in written out instructions instead of chart tho, learning disabiltiy makes charts very difficult for me ;P.