Tuesday, February 27, 2007

More Gifting

Mom's birthday is tomorrow. I won't give her age but I will comment on the fact that she's the healthiest person I know who is her age. And she looks at least 10 years younger than she really is.
I had to laugh at her because a couple of weeks ago while she was visiting here for a minute, I showed her some of my handspun efforts. She snagged a very small skein of the most retched stuff I'd made so far and asked to keep it. I gave it to her without a thought. Now I'm fearful she is going to show it to someone and try to explain how wonderful it is. Ugh.

But mom is a knitter. A really good knitter, and she' really picky about what kind of fiber she uses. Wool -- always wool. Or sometimes, maybe a wool/silk blend. And I'm going to take a risk and hope she likes what I made her.

It is wool. It's the rose colored corriedale roving spun up and plied into worsted weight. To make it more interesting for me, I've also incorporated here and there tidbits of leftover corriedale roving in other colorways that have the same BASIC color in them as the rose (just so happens to be brown). I put those short bits in here and there throughout the two singles of bobbins, always alternating with the rose.

Anyway, what I've ended up with is some really interesting (at least to me), subtly striped two-lay yarn. I have 400 yards of it.

My brain is screaming "pillow!!!" for some reason. It really wants to be made into a pillow cover.

For mom.

But she gets to knit it.

Maybe she'll knit it for me.

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