Monday, December 25, 2006

You KNOW you are getting OLD when...

  1. All the songs you listened to in high school can only be heard on oldies stations or are piped in as "easy listening" music at the dentist's office.
  2. You wake up from a sound sleep because your joints hurt.
  3. You wish it would hurry up and rain so your joints would stop hurting.
  4. The clothing you wore in high school that made your parents crazy is fashionable again.
  5. Bedtime is nearly the same time it was when you were five years old.
  6. You wake up before dawn and don't roll over and go back to sleep but get up and get your day going.
  7. It doesn't matter if your kids get you a gift for the holidays so long as they are with you for the holidays. (This might be maturity rather than age.)
  8. All the music the kids listen to now sounds awful to you.
  9. You have to ask other people in the room if it's hot or cold because you can no longer trust your own body to tell you the truth about temperature.
  10. You own at least four pairs of reading glasses but you can never find a pair when you need them or you have to ask your kids to read the label on the medicine bottle so you know how many pills to take.
I know there are more... see what you can come up with...

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