Monday, December 25, 2006

Other gifts

Ken got a new jacket and two sets of long underwear, the hat I made him and a game for his computer from John (Ghost Recon). He also got some incense sticks from me and two shirts from his daughter.

Matthew got an Amazon gift certificate, a speaker set for his Ipod, and an odd assortment of other stuff.

John got money. It's hard to know what to buy for a soldier because they tell him what he needs and tell him what he can't have. He's rather had to buy for. So money is a good gift for him.

John brought me two music CDs: A Winter Solstice V and A Winter Solstice VI both by Windham Hill. I like these because they are not overly "Christmasy" and I can actually listen to them year round. They a bit on the side of elevator music, but it's nice background stuff for any occasion or situation. I would play these at the office, for example.

Michelle (my step daughter), got me some incense cones which are very nice and a $25 gift certificate to Michaels. You know that will be put to good use.

Marie (my step-daughter-in-law) made me a really nice necklace to go with some of my new office outfits.

I got a small bit of some dark blue wool (close to navy) from my mom along with $100 that I can use towards another fiber related purchase.

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