Sunday, December 03, 2006

Something worked....

Well, I don't know what worked or why, but I now have a functional bar with all the layout and design tools. I will attempt to add some pictures here shortly.

I am on the final decreases for the pink hat for GD #2 and am starting on the red hat for niece #4. I ran out of the red yarn from Knit Picks so I'm using a ball of the Aurora 8 that I bought last year. I've been waiting for just the right project as I have two reds, two in turquoise, two in black in the Aurora 8. I love this stuff. It is wonderful and silky.

I have started spinning and sample plied some of the wool fleece with some of the light brown alpaca for a hat for my dad. I think I will try to blend it using the hand carders for the next skein and see if I like it better. In any case, it's the same materials the the colors work well together.

I've done a little work on making Navajo plied crazy yarn for the crazy scarf. I'm not real thrilled with it.

I've also spun up some of the Grey Shetland Fleece in lace weight. I really like this stuff. I will have to use it for something special.

The lace scarf for my mom continues. And I'm making some progress on the teapot cozy for my mil. I may not get all of them done, but I'm having fun and I will have stuff to work on while sitting in classes all next week.

I planning on sitting in the back and working quietly on my projects and doing a little spinning while on breaks. I do retain the information better when my hands are busy. I'm getting most of the projects (like the hats and tea cozy) to the point I don't have to do any counting. The lace will have to wait until I come home I think.

So here is a picture of everything currently in progress EXCEPT the lace shawl for me.

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