Friday, October 06, 2006

Off to Fall Fiber Festival

Well, not yet exactly. I'm going to the Fall Fiber Festival of Virginia at Monpelier, Virginia this weekend. It is supposed to be raining tomorrow but nice on Sunday. The weather report tomorrow morning will determine if I go on Saturday or Sunday.

I hope to test spin some drop spindles.

I plan to fondle a lot of fiber.

I want to pet some fiber animals.

And I hope to test drive some spinning wheels.

I will probably buy some nice roving. I might buy some yarn. I most likely will buy a new spindle and might get some fleece. Other than that I'm open to possible purchases. I have promised Ken that I will NOT buy a wheel (I'm still hoping he and/or Mom will get me one for Yule).

In any case, I will make a report when I get home. Unfortunately, my camera's battery is only good for about four pictures before the battery poops out, so I probably won't have pictures unless I pick up a disposable... which I might do just for the sake of my blog...

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