Friday, October 13, 2006

Job Interviews

Today I had my first interview for one of the jobs for which I applied. The commuting may really take a bit to get used to... but the job itself, as I understand it, would really be great fun and would still challenge me in all the right ways. And I would still be working for the Department of Corrections.
The strange part is that this first interview was by phone and I had all the interview questions in advance. I will know sometime next week if I get a second interview. That one, I'm told, would be in person with the Regional Director.
I also got a call from one of the other jobs I applied for. This one closer to being local but it pays less and from what I'm told is probably a lot more work with much smaller rewards.
I kind of hope I will get calls on some of the other jobs for which I applied.
It would be nice to get several offers so I have some options (and maybe some negotiating power). In any case, it's exciting to be back in the market again. I suddenly feel much less trapped. Maybe I won't have to work until I'm dead ... or if I do, I will much more enjoy what I'm doing when I die.

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