Saturday, October 14, 2006

Fuzzy fur

Here is a picture of some of the cleaned and carded wool from Kate's Fleece. It's lovely dark brown (reminds me of dark chocolate) .

I now have a basket full of nice fat rolags and have started spinning using my new Bosworth spindle. I'm Navajo plying as I go, so the going is a little slower than it would if I was just doing singles.

I'm learning that I really need to pick out the second cuts as they make rather (to my eye) unattractive nubs in the yarn.

Considering that spinning woolen seems to be a whole different animal from spinning worsted, my yarn isn't consistent by anyones standard so I'm not really complaining... just in learning mode still.

The yarn itself is amazingly springy. Think of a really soft sponge. I wish you could feel it. I'm anxious to get enough of it finished to actually knit something with it.

I did rewash some of the rolags that seemed to be sticky for some reason (probably didn't get all the grease out) and they are very nice now.

I'm going to card some of it with some of the fawn colored alpaca roving I bought and make a hat for my dad. But I want to get better a spinning carded wool first. Or I may wait and figure out if I can comb it to make worsted yarn. At this point I have so many projects going, I need to finish some things that have deadlines (like Yule) before I start anything else.

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