Saturday, September 16, 2006

Wow what a difference!

What a difference the knitting makes!

I started knitting the crazy yarn into a scarf. I probably should make it into a hat, or mittens but I really just needed to see it knitted out. I'm using size 3 needles and they are making a nice fabric.

The yarn, being singles (if rather inconsistent singles) is really nice to work with. I've just gotten into the first bit of the red but it is amazing to me how the black and white portion has metamorphasaized into this wonderful grey mottled tweedy stuff. I am suddenly wishing I had not "wasted" any of it on this crazy yarn.

But I have about a half pound left, so I will plan to spin it up and use it exclusively for a hat or mittens. It's really nice.

Now that I know how to do the Navajo Ply, I may go so far as to ply it as I spin.

But I have to admit I am really liking the knitting with the singles. They are so soft. The resulting fabric is really nice to touch and has a very nice drape. I know it will pill. But perhaps in a hat...

Now, this is the beginning of an piece of lace for my altar. It's obviously in white and not green and while the needles are the same size recommended in the book, the yarn is lace weight rather than worsted. Still. I think this is going to come out very nice if I have, in fact, counted correctly. The lace "recipe" is from Vogue Knitting Stitchionary. The first one.

I'm getting ready to bind off the toe on my Big Black Sock for Soldiers.

Tomorrow I will cast on for sock #2 in this pair.

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