Monday, September 18, 2006

More crazy yarn pictures

I've pressed on with the crazy yarn scarf project this weekend. Didn't get another thing done other than to rip out my lace altar cloth twice. But now I know what I need and want to do with it and also know I CAN do what I want so I'm prepared this week to work on it further. I DID NOT finish the sock. I didn't even pick it up. I'm very, very bad. Perhaps tonight after work.

In any case, here are more pictures of the crazy yarn scarf. Knitted up, the colors are perhaps not so horrible... that may only be because they are each separated by the black and white stuff.

Here is the crazy yarn scaf posing with a large quartz crystal in the garden. It certainly doesn't need much more energy. Perhaps it is just trying to balance itself.

Here is an extreme closeup that shows the spots where I underspun and where I over spun.

I think it is interesting that the tighter the wool is spun the darker (more concentrated, perhaps) the color becomes. Makes sense when I think about it...

As I mentioned earlier the texture is very nice. The drape (while not completely consistent) is very nice.

I will actually have to spin more of this stuff to complete this project as a scarf, but since it really isn't looking too horrible, I might go ahead and do that.

I have decided that I like the green very much. I just really do not like it with the yellow/orange and red. It would have been best to save it for another project. Oh well, live and learn.

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