Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Victims and Friends

I'm really not fond of co-incidents like this.

I'm getting ready to teach a pilot program (federal grant study) on Victim Impact to inmates where I work. It's an excellent program and I'm very excited to be teaching it and very honored to have been selected to facilitate it.

Sadly, the material is just a bit closer to home than I would like. A dear friend had her purse stolen from her car earlier this week. She lost her driver's license, her ATM card and her cell phone ( and all the odds and ends in her pocketbook). She cancelled her ATM card and her cell phone and notified DMV that her license had been notified. She also (to her credit) used the system and contact the police department.

Her saga of going to apply for a new license, finding her birth certificate, the feelings of violation, the anger... it's all very upsetting and facinating and frustrating. I want very much to make it all better for her. And I can't.

So I proceed to set up this class with the hope that I will somehow get through to these men who commit these crimes.

I hold out hope.

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