Monday, August 14, 2006

Wheel Adventures... Maybe

Mom called Sunday evening and wanted to know if I had been to the Animal Shelter Yard Sale. I told her I had not.

The local Animal Shelter runs a once a month "yard sale" out of the cafeteria of the old Lottsburg Elementary School where the Northumberland School Board Office now resides. Because it is a county owned property, the Animal Shelter folks were able to talk the Board of Supervisors into letting them have this unused space in the old cafeteria. So the Animal Shelter has had this on-going yard sale for about two years now. It is a big money maker for them and lots of folks donate lots of stuff to them to sell.

Well, Mom called because she spyed a spinning wheel there on Saturday. She didn't bother to call me about it on Saturday but said she gave the wheel a turn and while it "seemed a little wobbly, it seems to work okay."

I asked her if all the parts were there. She admitted that it had been so many years since she owned a spinning wheel, she couldn't remember but thought that it seemed complete. She didn't know what kind it was but described it as "sort of upright", so I'm guessing it's a castle type like a Traveler.

She also told me they were asking $35.00.

In any case, she told me I could go down there on Tuesday between 9 and noon and take a look at it as the folks who run the yard sale use Tuesday as their day to bring in new goods and clean and straighten the place up. She told me they weren't really open, but if I told them I was related to her and dad (they are both very involved in the Animal Shelter) that they would let me in and sell me the wheel if I wanted it.

So, I'm going to take some time off from work (about an hour or two) and drive halfway home and check it out. For $35 for a wheel that either works or might be fixable, I'm thinking a little personal leave would be worth it. I'm going to take some roving with me to check it out.

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Barbara said...

hey - did you get this wheel?

not fair to leave us hanging?