Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Wagons getting ready to roll

Well, tomorrow is the big day. We pack up and roll out to the campground and set up for the 6th Annual Hoot-n-Any Pagan Gathering at Heritage Park Resort (otherwise, now known as Belle Mont Vineyards and Winery).

And of course, we are expecting the hottest day of the year tomorrow while Ken, Cat, Carla, Sim and the boys and I will be setting up. With good fortune, Paige will also be joining us on Wednesday but she may have better sense and wait a day for cooler weather.

Last year we set up in a driving rain storm.

While I think we are fairly accomplished weather witches, messing with the air currents and such really does have some back lash problems and my family and closest associates always seem to get the brunt of it at some point. But to keep our guests comfortable in 80 degree weather Friday - Sunday, I will happily tolerate 100 + heat on Wednesday and Thursday.

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