Monday, July 31, 2006

What? No Airconditioning?

I have been reading a lot of blogs by spinners and knitters lately and am a member of several Yahoo groups for spinners and knitters. It is July 31st. It is supposed to be over 100 degrees this time of year and it will stay this hot until late September most likely.

From my point of view here in the Northern Neck of Virginia (where the Potomac River dumps into the Chesapeake Bay), it's normally over 95 degrees from about mid-June on...

I'm just wondering why all the folks are whining that it's too hot to knit? What happened to air conditioning? I live in a 100 year old farm house. It barely has central heat, but I have a window air conditioning unit in every bedroom, my kitchen and my sitting room. My house is very comfortable.

And I'm NOT rich. If I was rich I would have central air conditioning to go along with my central heat. I would also have a completed, functioning greenhouse; furniture that marginally matches and a decent set of pots and pans.

And quite frankly, I'm heading out the day after tomorrow (Wednesday) to go camping and will be teaching other folks how to spin on Thursday. Hot? You betcha... we are expecting a high of 99 degrees tomorrow and 100 on Thursday. After that, it's supposed to cool down to a lovely 88 for Friday and Saturday and Sunday. But we are taking box fans and renting electric sites. I'm wearing sarongs (and probably little else) all weekend. I plan to move slowly, drink lots of water and spend as much time as possible in front of a fan. All I'm actually dreading is a rain storm that will raise the humidity level. But that's a whole 'nother problem.

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