Sunday, July 09, 2006

Spindles for friends

Looky at what I've been up to!

Ken helped me screw the hooks into about half of these... The wood of the dowel is really hard!

I weighed them and right now, with this length dowel, they are 0.9 oz. I'm going to cut them to different lengths and weigh them again and write the weights on the undersides.

But these are very easy to make. I paid less than a dollar each for the materials. The hard part, of course, is getting the screw in. Before I knew how easy and cheap these were to make, I paid $15 for the one I'm using to spin fairly fine singles.

I may have to tweak some of the hooks with a rounded-nose plyer when I test drive them. But I'm happy so far and feel the folks at Hoot who come to the Friday workshop on spinning will at least go away with a useable tool.

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