Saturday, July 15, 2006

Knitting Obligations

I've got another inch done on my Big Black Socks for Soldiers. Now up to total of 3 inches. The Opal that I bought for this pair through the Socks for Soldiers group is much thinner than the Dalegarn Baby Ull that I used for John's socks. The cuff on this first pair seems almost lace-like and I'm using #1 needles! Maybe it's supposed to be like that. I hope so anyway.

But I have come to the conclusion that I MUST be more committed here. I got the first pair done for John from yarn I purchased from Got Yarn BEFORE I jointed Socks for Soldiers and I used their enthusiasm and encouragement to get through that first pair. These are some BIG BLACK SOCKS! But there are some members of the group who have already knitted and mailed in three pairs! I'm just starting pair two.

I'm discouraged. A little.

But I also see improvement in my knitting work. I've only had to rip back once on these so far... (hopefully no more).

I'm also working on the second Soy Silk hat (I think this one will be for my youngest step-granddaughter). These hats are really quick... when I do sit and knit and I'm sober...

Oh, on that note. I'm going to make a button that says: "Do not let me knit while I'm drinking" Then I'm going to wear it when I go camping... because I tend to drink when I go camping and I like to knit when I'm camping and ... well, I end up frogging a lot after I go camping.

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