Sunday, July 16, 2006

I've been very bad

Ken is going to kill me, but I've ordered more fiber... from these folks: Sheeps Shed Studio.
I placed my order and within 10 minutes Carol had emailed back to me that she had received the order and would be mailing it out on Monday! And we chatted back and forth in email like we have known each other for years! How delightful!

I wish I had the resources to travel out there and take a class or classes with her. Maybe someday when I'm independently wealthy.

Anyway, in addition to some other brown and white fiber from Carol I ordered this:

I got a whole pound of it in the black and white colors. Isn't it cool?

While waiting for this order, I dyed some more of my white Corriedale with KoolAid in some bizarre colors. The plan in my brain at this point, is to spin up a strip of each color (to make a long single of multiple colors which will be separated by stripes of white then ply it with the black and white). It will either be hideous or wonderful but in any case, I think the kids will like it.

I made some lime green, and some cherry red (which is not deep red but nice) and then I tried the lemon thinking I would get yellow. This was not to be the case. So I added some extra Citric Acid (yes, I'm experimenting here) and a tablespoon of yellow food coloring. I got a really wild orange but not yellow. And I'm not real sure how colorfast this food coloring is going to be. I think I will rinse it again and let it dry before I spin with it just to make sure... and who knows some of the orange may die down and I will get yellow.

I used my crockpot this time and it was really easy.

I would have spent more time rinsing last night but Ken was trying to rack mead and cook dinner and was just generally getting in my way... silly man. He still hasn't learned that hobbies take priority over chores. But he may get there soon as he found a really good deal on a wood lathe and going on Monday to check it out. I hope he buys it. He needs to spend more time doing something fun.

Yes, I suggested that he could then turn spindles for me and he looked at me like I was mad. But I will convince him eventually.

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