Thursday, July 27, 2006

The Irish Ewe - Quality Yarns & Fine Irish Gifts

The Irish Ewe - Quality Yarns & Fine Irish Gifts

I think this is an awesome idea.

I wonder who I could get to buy this for me?

Wait! First I need my wheel... Ken is really nervous that I'm going to buy my own. I will wait until after Yule and see if I get one then. And I will be a very good girl and spin up all the wool (or most of it) that I have on hand now.

I really need to find a better way to ply, however, as a small sampler that I did for my class next week gave me small fits. I think the flower pot idea will work (sticking a ball under a heavy pot with the single coming up through the hole -- one ball under each pot) but I have to smooth out the edges of the pot hole so the single doesn't catch. I will work this out.

Or I may go ahead and make a spindle holder from which I can just ply directly off the spindles... Hmmm I have to think on this... Perhaps I can just stick the spindles into the pot holes.... I will report back.

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