Friday, July 28, 2006

** Idea!!

Oooh, oooh! I've got an idea. I'm spinning up all these little sampler's of yarns (most of them 2 ply but at least one in one ply)... I'm thinking that if I save all these samples that eventually I will have enough bits that I could knit one of those triangular shawls that has a different yarn on every row (or couple of rows).

I will post pictures of all these little samplers soon. I'm very happy with them other than the fact I tend to overspin which makes plying a pain!

I could alter my lovely homespun with some really cool store bought stuff that I found in the stash my mother gave me or I managed to pick up somewhere or have left over from socks or little hats.
I will want to get some mohair, some alpaca... some silk, some fun stuff. Every row would be different and end in about four inches of fringe on either side.

I can do thick and thin. I can focus on all natural fibers perhaps... This could be very interesting knitted up on a big sized circular needle that would just grow gradually -- perhaps over several years -- until I have a whole shawl.

Yes, yes. This could be fun.

I'll have to buy a nice long circular needle in size 7 or 8 which is a nice mid-sized needle that I won't be trying to steal for other odd projects in between -- a dedicated circular needle.

I wonder if Ken would notice if another package arrived from Knit Picks?

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