Saturday, June 24, 2006

Oh no! A week has gone by!

Phew! So much news in a week.

I've been off in sunny Southern California for training on an awesome program that promotes Victim Rights and really gets "in your face" with the inmates. I am psyched because I honestly believe that this program (in conjunction with following treatment) might really make a difference. We are part of a pilot program that will measure scientifically the effect this treatment program has on both the inmate and the victim. It should be healing for the victim and for the inmates. I'm excited and will share more about it later.

I felt my first earthquake. Hopefully, my last. A tiny one by anyone's standards but I felt it never the less.

I have been spinning and knitting like a fiend and impressing the heck out of non-knitters who think that what I'm doing is just amazing. I also got to talk to folks about the therapeutic value of knitting and spinning and they actually LISTENED to me!

We heard from John at boot camp and now have an address! Ken, bless him, packed up all my letters in separate envelopes and mailed them off to PVT John. And apparently, John survived his first week of boot camp. He will graduate on or about August 18th.

I will be plying my second batch of yarn soon. I really think I spun this stuff fine enough to be lace yarn so I may have to make some lace!

Ken tells me that he used my Amazon wish list to order my birthday presents. We will be out of state on my birthday and he told me today not to be disappointed if he hasn't anything ON my birthday because everything he ordered is supposed to come on July 5th. How cool is that!

Dogs are at the kennel (except for Gloria who will stay home and guard the house). Friends are coming to house/chicken/garden sit and we are off to North Carolina beaches for a week tomorrow.

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