Sunday, April 23, 2006

Needling Thoughts

I've been knitting Socks for Soldiers and reading about socks with several other sock groups including the Townies. Most of the knitters on these groups talked about using US sized 0 and 1 to knit socks. I was bumbling along on size 2s and 3s.

I noticed that the little purl bumps from handknitted socks I had did tend to wear at the foot after a long day in hard shoes while standing on concrete floors (one of the pleasures of prison work). Having wool socks really helps with the cold, but the floors are still terribly hard. The knitters on these groups have mentioned a couple of times that using smaller needles makes the bumps smaller, the fabric smoother over all and just make for a more comfortable sock.

So I looked at smaller needles. I found rosewood for something outrageously expensive. But folks raved about them, but I wasn't ready to justify the cost so I kept looking. I found some very inexpensive aluminum needles on eBay in a while set of four different sizes. I ordered them.

And I tried. I really tried to knit with them. But I kept losing the needles. I knit tightly but they kept falling out of the projects. So I went back to the drawing board. I waited for a pay day and I ordered the rosewoods. One set. Just one. In US Size 1.

I have caressed them. I have looked at them. I haven't tried knitting with them yet. I'm fearful. I may break one. I may LOSE one. Then I would cry.

I have a ball of Cherry Tree Hill in red all wound up and waiting for them. But I have to finish the soldier socks first. At least this first pair. I also have to finish the shawl for the eldering at the end of May (that's coming along pretty well and I will post pictures soon). I still have to finish the Ruana I started first.

I've come to hate that yarn. I think it will be fine to wear but I hate knitting with it. I'm thinking that I have step granddaughters who would love to have a poncho and I have nearly enough of this thing done now that it would easily be converted and I would be spared having to do anything with this yarn (except donate it to charity or something). But if I make one poncho, I will have to make two more for the other girls. I wonder if I could convince some other grandmas and great grandmas to help me... probably not. They hate acrylic yarn, too.

Oh yeah, the needles. The link at the top of the page is to a small business that makes nylon and polymer knitting needles. They are very inexpensive. Knitters on the sock group are raving about these things. I may have to order some just to check them out.

But I better use the rosewoods first to make sure that these were worth the purchase. What do you think?

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