Tuesday, April 04, 2006

FInished my first pair of socks!

Here they are. Ta da!

Now it is on to a pair of socks for my son... soon to be soldier.

I have joined a Yahoo group called SockforSoldiers. Hopefully, I will perfect my sock technique with socks for John and then I can move on to making socks for other soldiers. It will be a challenge. I can accept a boo-boo or two in socks for myself, but must aim for perfection on these others.

And black yarn is tough to work with! It's dark! The stitches blend together. I need a better light.

An old rule is being re-enforced at work. The powers that be in headquarters (people who have never worked inside a prison, by the way) are telling our dear warden he can no longer allow us to bring our lunches/dinners or snacks inside the fences. Myself and a half dozen other have some medical issues and notes from doctors and we can bring in snacks, but I will have to come outside the gates to eat my lunch everyday as I cannot eat the food they give the inmates (gluten intolerance here, so no wheat, rye or barley. I'm also allergic to beef and soy so there is almost nothing I can eat that they feed the inmates). Anyway, one advantage to eating outside is that I could bring my sock knitting with me, keep it in my locker and work on it for 15 or 20 minutes every day at lunch time.

I must say I have been overwhelmed with all the spinning wheel information folks have shared with me in the Townies Sock Knitting Group. I may ask for a good standing lamp for my birthday and continue to feed the knitting addiction by itself for a while (try to use up some of my stash) and then at Yule/Christmas ask for the wheel.


Jinann said...

Gorgeous! Congratulations!

inukshuk71 said...

Congratulations Cate! Your socks look so comfy!

CateK said...

I purchased the yarn from www.simplysockyarn.com