Monday, January 30, 2006

Picture of my shawl so far

I have been busy, but I have been away and unable to post my pictures. But here is what I had as of Thursday morning. We went off to West Virginia for our Imbolg (pronounced "Em olk") Celebration with the Owl's Nest.

I'm not sure I like this particular yarn. It's weaving cotton from Webs. I have a huge cone of it and will use it up for this and that project. It does knit up nicely and in this picture (actually a scan) it shows what a nice drape it developes.

But I'm already planning my next shawl. I ordered and received some sock yarn from Germany called "Owl" that I'm going to use to knit a Candle Flame Shawl for our next elder. Fortunately, thanks to the knitting list where I learned about the Candle Flame Shawl, they also posted the corrections to the pattern. There is a new stitch in it that will be a new skill for me... and I'm getting my fill of new skills lately.

I also started socks for DH on double pointed needles. Ah ha! What a disaster this is! But I have faith, I will figure this out so I'm plodding on knowing this first sock will probably be completely frogged but I need to learn some of the basics, make some really bad mistakes and keep trying.

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