Saturday, October 15, 2011


I took a week off from work.
I helped set up a weaving studio on Sunday.
Monday morning I showed up and made coffee then became one of 12 beginner weaving students at the Tavern Spinners and Weavers Guild studying under Elaine Bradley for the next five days.
She had us warp our looms, weave a sampler, pick something from the sampler and weave a small table runner, play a bit, cut off the warp, wash the project, dry it, press it and admire it. Then she had us warp for a long scarf (a choice of two projects: Crammed and Space Scarf or Random Warp Scarf). We sampled until we found the right color combination with the right yarns, then started weaving. Most of the students finished about 3:30 p.m. on Friday. Three or four of us didn't quite finish but will soon.

Judy M. and Sandi were the driving force who found all the looms, benches, warping boards and other equipment for 12 students, ordered the yarn and got our instructor safely to the classroom each day.

It was mind bending and opened up a world of possibilities for me and I am saving up my pennies for a small Harrisville portable loom now so I have something I can weave on at home besides my rigid heddle loom. I am so excited by what I learned and at least for now, I'm not afraid to try warping from the back anymore. She made it very simple and shared lots of tricks and tips. If you have an opportunity to study weaving with Elaine Bradley from Atlanta, GA; jump at the opportunity! She's great!

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