Monday, March 07, 2011

Let's get real

Wow, I had an eye opener this morning. I was skimming over Jake Today this a.m. and came across this.

That led me to this article.

Which led me to this.

As a person at the back end of the baby boom, I'm getting very concerned about my future. I planned some for retirement. When I started work, I thought I would retire at age 55. Now, I'm looking at 65. And unfortunately, my health has not altogether kept up with my dreams. Part of that is my fault. And it is becoming much clearer to me (we call this the contemplative stage in recovery), that I will have to take full responsibility for my own health and welfare when I do retire. That means I need to get back in shape now.

I need to get serious about weight loss (the single biggest contribution to my health problems, I believe). And I need to do it now.

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