Friday, December 24, 2010

Knitting progress this year and hopes for the future

I think I actually got more done this year than I thought. Interestingly enough, I did not get done nearly what I thought that I would.

Here is what I did do:
  1. Completed spinning oatmeal yarn and knitted a vest (turns out it is way too big around and also too short, but I might actually be able to fix that.
  2. Completed spinning the green and purple fiber into yarn (all 2 pounds of it) and have completed knitting all but the arms. (Yes, I know that is like knitting a whole front, but I feel like I've made good progress.)
  3. Completed spinning and knitting a small icelandic lamb scarf. It's not good enough to give away as the spinning should have been done all at once and so is very irregular and bizarre. But I need a scarf, so it will be mine.
  4. Completed knitting and felted a pair of slippers. They are slightly lopsided, but very warm and I really like them lots.
  5. Completed two hats for my boys and THEY LIKE THEM!!!! (Nothing like walking a mile in 20 degree weather to make you appreciate wool).
  6. Completed three baby hats for the guild sale.
  7. Spun up lots of odd balls of yarn also donated for guild sales.
  8. Completed Isabel from yarn purchased in Maine
  9. Completed another, slightly larger shawl, from odd balls from my mother's stash (blue and purple sari silk stuff).
Want to complete in the coming year:
  1. A scarf for my dad
  2. Completion of the green and purple cardigan
  3. The correction of the brown vest
  4. Completion of the spinning of the grey lincoln roving.
  5. Completion of the spinning of Alice and Jerry's lamb's fleeces (Alice is almost done)
  6. Completion of the spinning of Noodle's second fleece
  7. A hat for my nephew which includes a bit of black fleece from a school field trip.
  8. Fingerless mitts for my niece
  9. Something woven or knitted from Alice and Jerry yarn
  10. French Press Slippers
  11. An ear flap hat with braids (I don't know why, I just want to do this)
  12. Some kind of head covering for days when I wear a ponytail or bun
  13. Another pair of stranded mittens
  14. A hat for my co-worker who drew this as his holiday gift surprise
  15. Finish the Freya hat
  16. Finish spinning the mohair blend yarn on a drop spindle and knit something lacy with it.
  17. Finish knitting the brandywine shawl that I started from handspun scraps.
  18. Knit another vest (cardigan style and maybe with cables)
  19. Knit a danish tie shawl for wearing around the house when I'm working but cool.

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