Sunday, October 10, 2010

Blue Ribbon!

I don't know why I'm so excited by this, but I won a blue ribbon at the Virginia State Fair!

I also won a red (second place)!

I won the blue for the "Spinner's Workbasket". For this entry, I spun up enough (plus a little) shetland fleece in heavy lace weight to complete Brandywine. I skeined up the yarn so it was pretty and labeled each skein with weight, yardage and date spun. I purchased the pattern and tucked it into a plastic sleeve protector. Found a nice rustic basket. I saved a few locks from the fleece and tied them together, added a circular knitting needle and finally knitted and tied on a swatch. Anyway everything went into the basket and I had it sitting in my house, ready to go, for about 6 months. Finally, off it went.

Now I want to knit the shawl and perhaps enter the completed project in next year's fair.

I won the red for a skein of sport weight yarn spun from Alice's fiber. It really is a pretty heathery grey and I'm working my way through the rest of her fleece. I was hoping I would have enough for a sweater, but it's looking a little shy of that. Perhaps a vest for a young, skinny person... This is her lamb fleece, so I want it to go to a special project. But I will have to wait and see how much actual yardage I get.


MarthaH said...

Congratulations! Next year, I'll need to include the VA state fair on my agenda. There have been so many great reports from fiber folks who were there.

Michelle said...

I hope I can do half as well. Next year I want to enter a Fair Isle Tam in natural colors in the Oregon State Fair. I have the yarn spun (on my Turkish spindle) but have not yet found or converted a pattern. Have never done Fair Isle before, so it should be an adventure!

besshaile said...

Oooo. Congratulations. Now I hope you'll post a photo of your shawl.