Monday, February 01, 2010

Working from Home

The snow was coming. We all knew it was coming. So before I left work on Friday I packed up my laptop, the power cord, the mouse and pulled out a bunch of files that needed attention.

They all sat snug in my rolling suitcase until this morning when I looked at the outdoor temperature and read 11 degrees. I cleared my desk, logged off of my personal home computer and unloaded the office laptop and cordage. Low and behold I was able to log in without problem and the signal was wonderfully strong and I was able to work steadily and well focused for 8 hours.

My little cell phone rang a few times. I called a few people. I emailed back and forth to my bosses. I logged down my time and worked steadily along. Most of the work was simply data entry... lots of those things that could not be entered at the time they happened because 2 or 3 things were happening at once and it was faster to jot down a note in my notebook and continue on through the various crises. So, today I caught up on about three weeks worth of notes. I felt very good about it.

I took 2 15-minute breaks. I took 45 minutes for lunch and since I started at 7:30 a.m.; I quit at 4:30 p.m. Tomorrow is reporting day during which I will meet face to face with about 1/4 of my caseload.

Another big snow storm is expected next Friday and Saturday. But I will be headed toward the Academy. I guess I will take my laptop with me for that as well... and my knitting and some spinning.


ginaknits said...

Wow, isn't it amazing how much more you can get done at home - without interruptions! How are the sheep doing? They look pretty well set for cold weather (except from the "knees" on down) but how cold is too cold?

Cate K said...

It was 11 degrees yesterday a.m. They were in their house when I got up, but didn't stay in there very long after they heard the dogs come out. Most of the first day they stood, but yesterday they were actually laying down on the snow they had packed down. They fold their legs underneith their fluff, so I imagine that helps warm up both their legs and the ground below. It's amazing how much dirt they leave behind when they get up. So this may be a good thing for cleaning... can't wait for the mud!