Sunday, August 30, 2009

Alice joins the flock

Ken and I left the house at 7:05 a.m. yesterday and drove out to Fort Defiance and picked up the newest member of our little flock.

She is the twin sister of Tom.

She was not officially named by her Shepherdess, Alice but was generally called "Little Girl" or "the other little girl", as her mother's name is "Lil' Girl" Her fiber is very similar to Tom's in texture, but she is a bit more grey. She does have that classic fluked Shetland tail.

In honor of her original Shepherdess, Ken and I decided to call her Alice.

Fearful of admitting that he sort of likes these animals, Ken has slowly started offering to do more for them. I just smile and accept. Now, he wants to put a real roof and wooden sides on their little shelter, as the tarp is starting to bow a bit and collect water which then gently "rains" inside the house. One thing for summer, it will quite another for cold winter rains. MY solution would have been to remove the tarp that this there, throw a piece of plywood across and then put the tarp back on... but I have a feeling they might get that currogated plastic stuff on top.

The issue of the sides has come about because these silly guys like to play hide and seek and have figured out that if they stick their heads into the flap formed where the tarp is pulled and staked down, they can come out the sides of the house. It's hilarious to watch, but pulls the stakes up and lets the wind and rain into their house which is slowly melting their mineral block and salt block and letting their bedding get wet.

They like the game of hide and seek, so much, however, I think I'm going to hang a piece of this tarp from another section of the greenhouse frame (like a windbreak) so they can run around it and play.

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