Sunday, February 15, 2009

Shopping Lists

I plan to attend the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival this spring. It is the weekend BEFORE Beltane in Stanardsville so I have no conflict. AND to make it even more fun, Deb from our guild and her husband have a condo up there nearby and she has invited any of us ladies who want to 'camp out' there to plan on an overnight which suits me just fine. I can pack a sleeping mat (or two) and a sleeping bag and pillows and be just fine.

But I know from my previous trip to the MSWF two years ago that I need to go with a list and cash.

I know I want to buy:
  • shetland fiber either in the form of a fleece or roving.
  • silk in top or bricks
  • silk hankies
  • a spare drive band for my Sonata
  • dyes in colors I don't have (maybe some nature dye material like indigo)
  • A felting needle holder and maybe a hat form (if I can find one I like)
  • a new Bosworth spindle
I would also like to take a spinning class and visit with some shetland sheep owners to pick their brains a little more about what is required to raise them. Or MAYBE work out a sponsorship deal in which I pay for the care and feeding and get the fleece in exchange.

In any case, I want to find someone to show me how to do the tablet weaving. With luck, there will be a class offered. So far, the website has not been updated with the schedule (though I did not check today).

I'm looking forward to the whole thing. It's just so BIG. And it's so cool to find out there are so many like-minded folks.

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