Friday, January 16, 2009

Safety Announcement

It's winter. Unfortunately, that means my friend with the Red Cross is also very busy.

There have been several house fires in our area lately. Sadly, there have also been fatalities in at least two fires.

Propane and space heaters have been the cause in at least two fires.

But the one that has got me going is the fire caused by lint in the dryer vent.

Well, I'm not strong enough to get the dryer pulled out from the wall so I could pull of the vent and clean it out. I've asked my husband on several occasions over the past two years to do this. He always said, "the dryer is working, the vent isn't plugged."

Well, I noticed this morning that there was a bird's nest poking out of the outside flap of the vent and pointed this out to Ken. I mentioned the fire caused by a static electricity spark that took off in the dryer lint trapped in the vent.

This time, he took action and pulled the dryer out and disconnected the hose.

It was FULL! And the bird's nest at the end was large and had a very nice collection of dried grasses in it. All in all, there was enough lint in the tube to fill a two gallon bucket.

Please, check your dryer vents.

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