Friday, September 26, 2008

Using up the bits

If you spin, you have lots of tiny little skeins and balls of odd yarn that were samples. If you knit or weave, you have the ends of many skeins of yarn.

This is supposed to be a wicked cold winter. What could be nicer than a wool rug at the base of your favorite knitting chair?

I crocheted this with single crochet stitches... just round and round with two to four extra stitches in the corners. Two instead of four probably would have prevented the "ruffles" but I rather like them.

I would not put this rug in a high traffic area as it's rather slippery (at least on a hard surface floor). But I might paint the back with some of that no skid foam stuff...

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kandmcockrell said...

i am so excited o stumbled across your blog! I live in Reedville, and am very interested in learing to spin on a spindle as well as a wheel. I have a spendle and some roving, but have not had the time to try yet.
I would love to be able to talk to some people that do this and see it done.
my email is if you would like to message me back.

Thank you