Friday, September 05, 2008

Triple Play or Bust?

I have to tell you that having grown up in Texas -- in a part of tornado alley -- I've become very paranoid about high winds. There is a reason I do not live in the heart of America anymore and I avoid Florida in the summer months. I fear that I will now add Louisiana and Mississippi to my list of places not to live.

But I'm beginning to worry about where I live right now. Tropical Storm Hanna is expected to cross over the top of my house on Saturday afternoon. Hurricane Ike may be close on her heels... I'm thinking Wednesday or Thursday. Then Josephine! Well, that's next weekend most likely.

I'm hoping the waters near the Bahamas are icy cold right now so Josephine shuts down... And I'm hoping that Ike is more interested in Miami and other parts south than the Commonwealth.

As it is, I'm trying to prepare my brain for Hanna and a week or more without electricity.

It takes a long time to cook without electricity (since I have an electric stove). But the shelves are stocked and I know how to cook over an open fire, and have a dutch oven and can bake in a pit.

If there is no power at work, then I can stay home, tend the fire (literally) and work on my spinning, knitting and weaving. Thank the Goddess that my hobbies don't require any electricity at all.

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