Saturday, June 07, 2008

Making it up as I go

I love, love, love my new Sonata spinning wheel. It is my birthday gift to myself so I have an easily transportable wheel to take on vacations, camping, demonstrations, overnight work travel, etc. I'm delighted with it.

But I will make one suggestion for the Kromski folks... the orifice hook hole is inadequate and if you put in the least bit wrong it will either fall out or interfere with the bobbin. So I decided it needed a little bag for the hook and the oil. But the only question was where to put it.

The Sonata is a more streamlined design than the Symphony which has lots of pretty bits to hang things off of. So I took the plunge and stuck pushpin into the mother of all and use it as a hook for this.

Then I noticed that like my Symphony, I have trouble seeing how the yarn is winding onto the bobbin. It's even more pronounced with the Sonata because the orifice sits at 30 inches to 32 inches while the Symphony is 27 inches. Ken suggested a dental mirror. But I found this.

And just to show that all this making do is creating magickal yarn, here is my first bobbin of singles about halfway done. This is hand-dyed corridale that I bought and dyed to teach the kids at Beltane. I didn't get a lot of customers so had some of the fiber left over.

I'm going to ply it with solid yellow (as a have a bunch of it left) and there is a yellow theme running throughout the first singles.

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