Monday, March 10, 2008

From Always to Depends

Years ago - before children -- I used to try and hide my sanitary napkins under the bread and bananas while shopping at the grocery store and I always picked the checkout lane with a woman behind the register even if it was the longest line in the store.

Then I had kids. Considering that when in labor you don't care if you are laying naked on a gurney in the hospital hallway, I lost much of my shyness when it came to feminine protection.

I was even willing to purchase condoms if my fella felt a little shy about it.

But now that I'm past the baby stage and well on my way into menopause, I'm finding that I'm kind of back to hiding those bags. And gods forbid I should sneeze in the check-out line. I think I'm just not quite ready for this stage of life.

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