Friday, September 07, 2007

Tired of Teens

I thought that having infants was tough and two-year-olds were just exhausting. But the teens are draining the life from me.

Wes, the oldest, was not raised by me.

John was challenging and ended up dropping out of school. He did get his GED and then joined the Army. But he got in trouble there and is soon to be discharged with less than honorable. He just called and will be home in a week or so and will stay here for about a week. Then off he goes to Wisconsin where he believes he can get a job working in construction. I just hope that he can.

Matthew is driving me bonkers now and is defiant and ignores me completely. He was grounded for a month due to total disregard for letting me know where he was; but when I got home tonight he asked if he could go to the football game at the high school. I reminded him he was still grounded and told him he couldn't go. I went into the kitchen to help with getting dinner on the table and when I turned around to call him, found that he had left the house. Just walked out. He was gone from 6:30 until 9:30 and claims he was just walking. But considering the dogs were unable to find him and track him, I know he arranged to have his friend pick him up down the road and he went off.

The surprise for him is coming, however, for come Monday, I'm calling the phone company and having our landline cut off and the keyboard to the computer he has been using will also disappear. His bike (and mine) will be chained. The other computers in the house are all password locked. And the only other phones are cell phones. The cell he has (the contract for which runs out in November) doesn't get a signal here.

Maybe he will be bored enough to do homework.


Taryn said...

Guess I need to make note of the phone being gone. Silly boy. Did he actually think he would get away with it? Thank gods joe's friends don't drive yet.

Sue J said...

good luck!
They all reach the age where the have to push it past the limits.
My daughter was sneaking out at night..........coming in early a.m.
We live outside town, so her having a car was my leverage.
Told her if she ever did that again, I would rip everything out from under the hood of the car that I could. I'd bash and cut everything else, and she would ride a bus to and from school and THAT would be all she'd have in her life.
She knew I was mad enough (and she thinks I'm a little crazy.....which is always a GOOD thing) and that ended her "I'm all grown up and I'll do what I want" stage.
Wanted to kill her tho............

Stick to it Mom, hang in there!