Thursday, September 13, 2007

Ravelry Countdown

I signed up on Ravelry's waiting list back on July 4th.

A month later, I discovered the waiting list checker thing.

Seemed like things were moving along fairly well, but I wasn't really sure how fast. So starting on 8/24/07 I started writing down my current spot every once in a while (and now daily) just to see how fast this list is moving.

It is frustrating to be referred back to Ravelry by other bloggers when I can't get in to see what they are talking about. At least by reading about other's experiences, I am already well warned that it will suck up quite a bit of my attention and time for a while after getting in. More because it's a learning experience and opportunity to explore a very large web site than because it has problems.

So here is my count down so far:

8/24/07 #3466
8/26/07 3167
8/27/07 2990
8/29/07 2860
9/3/07 2348
9/5/07 2225
9/6/07 2098
9/10/07 1774
9/11/07 1540
9/12/07 1299

It seems like there are bringing in about 200 people a day. If that's the case, I should get my invitation in about a week.

Yes, I'm excited.


Sherri said...

Wow, I signed up on August 28th and there's still over 17,000 people in line ahead of me. I have a couple of friends who are already in and they love it, but it can be a huge time sink if you're not careful.

Scarlett said...

Good news, Frecklegirl stated today that now that Casey got in the new servers and they are perfect, they are inviting 500-600 a day.

Sue J said...

well, I signed up July 18, and whenever I check it always tells me I'm 18,806 in line......week after week!!